Now that you are retired, you too have found just how addicting today’s technology can be. With one click, you can video chat with family and friends, and do everything from watching your favorite shows to playing the newest version of Candy Crush. 


You’ve probably noticed that staring into a little screen can  hurt your eyes, neck and head  after awhile, and even though you are more connected than ever to friends and family, you have less real human interaction. Just because we are on social media doesn’t mean that we are more social. Here are some other ways you can fill your time, no batteries needed.  


Visit Friends and Family (Face to Face)

Messaging and talking on the phone are great ways for fast and easy communication, but it doesn’t always scratch our need as social creatures. Nothing beats actually  spending time  with people you cherish—face to face, no strings attached. Instead of logging on to social media, take a trip to see your family and friends in person. Go places together, do things. When you chat online, you may be communicating with the people you love, but you are not experiencing life with them. Take a trip to the park, or zoo, or maybe even try out one of those new  breakout rooms  with your family. Spending time with the people you love will create memories that will last a lot longer than a SMS message. 


Turn to The Outdoors

Sometimes we get so caught up in the world happening in our screens, that we forget about the world around us. Put down your tablet and take a look out your window. Technology is great, but the natural world is just as incredible, and always has something new for us to discover. Just for a moment, go outdoors and see what nature has to offer.  Find a trail near you  and take a hike, enjoy the scenery and natural beauty. Unlike staring into a bright little screen,  hiking  is actually good for you, and can clear your mind and invigorate your senses. 


Pick Up a Hobby

Now that you are retired, you have time on your hands to pursue all the activities you never had time for when you were working full time and raising a family. Instead of spending time watching videos of people doing things you love, why not try doing them yourself? Retirement is the perfect time to pick up  the paintbrush , or dust off the old worktable, and find your muse again. With all the extra time at your disposal, you can pursue your hobbies in a way you never could before. We all have passions, and when we have time to do the things we love,  wonderful things  can happen. 


Start Working Again

Just because you’re retired, it doesn’t mean you have to stop working. Sometimes working is actually enjoyable and can fill our lives with purpose. Since you aren’t necessarily working for the money, you can find part-time work that doesn’t put too much demand on your time and effort. You can find work that you actually enjoy doing. For instance, if you love being around dogs, you might take up a job as a dog walker. It will keep you busy, happy,  healthy , and give you a little extra spending money to boot.


It’s great to be tech-savvy, and there’s nothing wrong with using these incredible devices to stay connected with the world around us. However, technology isn’t enough to give our lives happiness and fulfillment. Sometimes, you have to put the screen down, and live in the moment you are in.

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