Guest article by Krista Morris

We’ve all seen the average age of retirement rise over the past decade from 60 to 70, 72, or even 75! At the same time, it seems like hiring managers are getting younger and younger. So how do you, as a Boomer, find a job when it seems like the cards are stacked against you? Obviously, there are some best practices. I’ve got some helpful articles here about job search fundamentals and here on common pitfalls to avoid, so please feel free to dig into my blog. I’m pretty passionate about helping older folks find meaningful employment! 


Age is just a number

My oldest client is now 81. I’ve worked with him for years and beyond the sage advice that he always gives, I’ve found that it’s pretty impossible to keep up with him. His energy is infectious and to see him in action can be downright exhausting. Here’s the thing….he doesn’t act his age. He’s got more energy than a toddler on a sugar high and once he walks into a room, you can’t help but notice (in a good way). 


This high energy has led to continued job offers – even as recent as last month. If you begin to consider that age is simply a number and not a definition of who you are, then the offers may roll in for you, too.


Quit trying to hide your age on your resume

There. I said it. Stop trying to hide your age. The HR manager can always tell. Instead, focus on the limited real estate that you have on your resume and highlight your accomplishments. Those will speak volumes about your potential as a great investment – way more than spending your energy in subterfuge. Wear your age proudly. Honestly, it’s nothing that you can change, right? 


Here’s an article on not letting “isms” stop your job search and another on the basics of resume writing part I and part II. Those should get you started!


A few last thoughts

As a professional resume writer at Virtuoso Resumes & Recruiting, I have just a couple of other pieces of advice to cut through the noise. Remember that your resume is not a historical document. It’s really your personal marketing arsenal. Quit thinking that it needs to contain an exhaustive list of everything that you’ve done. 


Your entire life story does not need to be there! You do not have to disclose the year you graduated college, and it really only needs to contain 10 to 15 years of work history. While I do not think that you should hide your age, I also don’t think you need to advertise it. 


Tell them just enough to make them curious!

I’m a professional resume writer, recruiter, and job search guru who works with clients from every walk of life – CEO to software engineer, advertising executive, teacher, mechanic, doctor or even mortician (true story). My specialty is crafting individualized documents, telling my clients’ stories – and making them shine. Please visit me at or contact me directly at [email protected].

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